3G over 2G

Posted by ฬคภt "ѕσмє"???CoMe.......GeT "ѕσмє" Monday, May 18, 2009

The 1st generation iphone(2G) has been replaced by the 2nd generation(3G) phones sometime around june,2008. Since then only the 3G models are available in the market.

The main advantages of the 2nd generation iphone over the 1st is mainly its capacity to use 3G communication as well as the normal GSM. There are also some improvements in the mobile like providing the facility of GPS, reducing the weight and increasing the battery capacity and even increasing the dimensions of it.

APPLE - iPhone 3G 16GB (with Vodafone) 34580
iPhone 3G 8GB (with Vodafone) 29640

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